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    The 29th Technical Marketing Service Personnel Training Program

    From November 27, 2017 to December 4, 2017, the magnificent Healton welcomes the first batch of more than 160 trainees who are distributors and new employees, from Chinese 20 provinces.


    A New Era of Animal Health Care, Service Determines the Future of the Industry.

    With the operation philosophy of “Cooperation & Development & Win-Win”, “the Success of Cooperator is Healton’s Success” and “Three Likes: Like Army, Like School and Like Family”, Healton devote to build a common destiny of manufacturers and distributors & farmers, to become a defender & supporter of distributors and farmers, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.


    Always follow the pace of China’s transformation and upgrading, with the Healton breeding excellent service platform, leading co-dealers to strengthen corporatization, specialization, brand-name stores, to provide strong support for the transformation and upgrading, Healton hope to help co-dealers train qualified breeding service staff through this Training Program. The training contents include Physical Training and Classroom Training (i.e. History & Culture of Healton, Sale etiquette, Veterinary Drug Industry Status Quo, Sales Basic Knowledge, etc.)

    The Trainees Assemble

    Opening Ceremony

    Unify Hair Style and Explain Regulation of Dining & Housekeeping

    Physical Training

    The Speech of Chairman Mr. Guo Liang

    Training Classes

    Anatomical Operation

    Forum of Chairman Mr. Guo Liang and Trainees

    Group Photo

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