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    Healton Animal Health was established in the early 1977 (formerly known as Neijiang Veterinary Pharmaceutical Factory). Since its foundation, HEALTON has grown to be a leading animal health company in China, exporting products to Africa, Middle-East, Middle-Asia, South Asia and South America.

    Healton Animal Health focuses on product innovation in order to provide better products and services to the customer. We have a strong product pipeline to meet market need with regular new products in both the farm and companion animal sectors.

    Healton is the second  veterinary company in west China. Healton is also the first veterinary company passed the authentication of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18000. With over twenty years manufacturing experience, Healton is able to handle complex manufacturing processes, and supply products of high standard and stable quality.

    Healton Animal Health manufactures sterile and non-sterile products in a variety of dosage forms including injectable solutions (suspensions), intramammeries, ointments, powder for injection, tablets, oral solutions, premix (powder), and pour-ons.


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